For Dialog, B/O Jokes It’s No Laughing Matter

ATLANTA Boone/Oakley is set to launch its first work for Dialog Tele-
communications that uses humor to promote the company’s local and long-distance services.

The Charlotte, N.C., shop said it has developed three print ads that are the local telecom’s first advertising efforts. The ads combine photographs and copy written by agency principal David Oakley.

“Super Bowl,” “Wife,” “Milli Vanilli” and “Neverland Ranch” make light of the Janet Jackson halftime show fiasco, cross-dressing, lip-synching and another Jackson family member, to convey the message that being charged extra for phone services is, like the aforementioned jokes, not laughable.

All ads incorporate “A new way of thinking” as a tagline. The shop said that the ads would launch in April on billboards in select markets and in various Kentucky and Mississippi newspapers and regional magazines.

Campaign spending is approximately $1 million, according to the agency.