D&I Summit: Converting Caring to Action

Petco CMO Tariq Hassan stresses importance of visibility and accountability for diversity and inclusion

“Inclusivity doesn’t go far enough—we need to belong. We need to create a community where there’s a sense of engagement and there’s value to that engagement,” said Tariq Hassan, CMO of Petco, in a conversation with Marcel Marcondes, U.S. CMO of Anheuser-Busch, during Wednesday’s Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Summit.

Have a listen in the above video to Hassan as he goes deep into actions, metrics, processes and strategies that can help transition a company from talking to doing, taking on accountability through measurement and driving growth from and for diversity and inclusion.

“We’ve got to move away from these being tactical exercises, and this needs to be much more of an embedded strategy, all the way through the corporate structure with accountability, with measurement, with transparency and, more importantly, with celebration and passion for what you’re trying to create as a culture.”

You can also see three key actions he suggests taking below:


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