DGWB Keeps Cartoon Hot Dog Running

DGWB introduces “America’s most wanted hot dog” in its latest animated action TV spots for Wienerschnitzel.
The estimated $5 million campaign, which includes radio spots, breaks Oct. 14 in Los Angeles, Nevada and Texas. It stars fugitive animated hot dog “The Delicious One,” always on the run from hungry dog eaters.
One 30-second spot, supporting the client’s 89-cent chili dog, shows Delicious–described as “delicious, tasty and on the run”–slipping off a Wienerschnitzel table, dashing for the door and hopping in a car. Seconds later, a hand goes for the car door handle as panic grips Delicious’ face. The spot then cuts to superimposed text for the 89-cent promo, with Delicious in the background. “Great, I’m on sale,” the dog mutters as the spot closes.
A second spot, for the 99-cent Polish sandwich, continues where the first left off. Hiding behind the gear shift, Delicious hops to the seat and barely escapes getting squashed by someone sitting down. He leaps from the car and begins to run. The voiceover wonders, “Is there any hope at all for America’s most wanted hot dog?” Dangling above a barbeque, Delicious urges consumers to buy Wienerschnitzel’s Polish sandwich instead of him.
A third spot touts a combo promo for Delicious and his chili hamburger sidekick, “Bob.”
“Just as Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa have rekindled the American public’s love of baseball, The Delicious One will rekindle America’s love affair with the hot dog,” said Jon Gothold, partner/creative director at the Irvine, Calif., shop and the voice of the animated frank.
The spots were produced at Loose Moose studios in London and directed by Ange Palethorpe, well-known for his work on the recent Lipton Brisk commercials.
The agency, which has handled the Newport Beach, Calif.-based chain since 1995, will also integrate point-of-purchase materials, uniforms, posters, monthly promotions and kid’s premiums into the campaign.