Dew Fuels Up With ‘World of Warcraft’

NEW YORK Mountain Dew is offering up some more “Game Fuel.” The PepsiCo-owned brand has launched two limited-edition line extensions inspired by Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft.
The two varieties of Game Fuel represent the opposing factions within the popular subscription-based multiplayer online role-playing game. They are wild fruit-flavored Alliance Blue and citrus-cherry-flavored Horde Red. Each product’s packaging features iconic characters from the game. The beverages will appear on shelves for the next eight to 10 weeks.
TV and radio ads via BBDO in New York will support the launch. A number of promotional extras will also be offered to gamers to tout the two beverages. World of Warcraft players can download an in-game pet known as a “bottle-bot” at, as well as sign up for an extended 14-day free trial of the game. Web Site visitors can also win a total of over 8,000 prizes throughout the summer. Tribal DDB is the digital agency.
This is just the latest Game Fuel offering. In 2007, the first Mountain Dew Game Fuel was created in conjunction with the launch of Xbox 360’s top-selling Halo 3, where the lead character Master Chief appeared on the packaging.
Frank Cooper, chief marketing officer of sparkling beverages for Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages, sees the new product as adding value for consumers. “We know consumers are seeking more value in this environment, but price is just one part of the value equation. We’re using brand value to generate immediate consumer benefits while building brand equity for the long term…We’re adding value for Dew drinkers and video gamers by introducing two new Mtn Dew flavors as well as unique World of Warcraft experiences.”
PepsiCo spent $36 million in media last year behind Mountain Dew (now rebranded simply as Mtn Dew), per The Nielsen Company. It doled out nearly $13 million on media in the first quarter of this year.