Devito’s NTRA, Hospital Ads Are Honored

NEW YORK DeVito Verdi’s National Thoroughbred Racing Association radio campaign has garnered Best of the Best laurels from the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association at its Retail Advertising Conference.

The accolade comes two weeks after the New York shop launched a $10 million extension of that campaign, which also won broadcast best of shows at both the 2003 Addy and Mercury Awards. The latest flight of humorous ads, which are running nationally, use a horserace announcer to call the play by play on a variety of leisure activities such as a golf outing, a date at the amusement park and a family road trip.

The shop this week also broke an extension series of three radio ads for Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. A narrator relates how an ill person checks into an inferior hospital while a second voiceover recounts the story as if the patient had gone to Mount Sinai.

In one ad, 74-year-old Howard Artz is rushed to the hospital with an aortic aneurysm. While the narrator in the first scenario explains, “Doctors said the operation could be devastating to a man his age,” the Mount Sinai voiceover says, “Doctors said it was a routine operation, even for a man his age.” In the case of Mount Sinai, Artz leaves the hospital knowing he is out of danger,” while in the first case, he leaves knowing the aneurysm could burst at any moment.

The estimated $1 million campaign ends with the tagline, “Which hospital you choose could make all the difference in the world.” The campaign won a gold award at the conference.