Deutsch Boston Begins Build Up

Kiely, Volk Vow to Break Down Old Boy Network in Advertising
BOSTON-With a nod to breaking down the proverbial old boy network that dominates advertising, Deutsch Boston last week signed a lease at 22 Batterymarch, once home to the prestigious downtown Harvard Club.
“It’s wild space, and we are definitely going to kick some old-boy butt,” said Deutsch Boston general manager Kathy Kiely of her new offices in the building’s rotunda.
“The architects are working on building a perfectly round conference room. No client who works with us will ever feel cornered,” she said.
Getting the office up and running and hiring creative staff is a priority for the shop, Kiely said. She declined comment when asked about new clients.
“We are getting and making a lot of phone calls,” she said. Kiely and Kristin Volk, both former Arnold Communications executives, announced the formation of the Deutsch office just two weeks ago.
Last week, in addition to signing a lease, the duo also hired their first employee: Jessica Marcus, who had worked in new business at Deutsch New York and recently relocated to the Boston area.
At Arnold, Volk’s resignation was met with some surprise and disappointment.
“We tried everything we could to keep her,” said Arnold chairman Ed Eskandarian. “But it’s an intriguing opportunity, and I have no doubt that she’ll get re-energized and build something.”
Neither executive has signed a noncompete contract with Arnold and the question of whether more employees or clients will follow Volk to Deutsch Boston looms large.
When asked if she would recruit employees from Arnold to her new shop Kiely initially declined comment.
When pressed, Kiely stated, “I’m looking everywhere and talking to a lot of people at a lot of different agencies. I’m committed to building the best team.