Designer Starts More Branding in Tulsa

DALLAS Justin Johnson, former senior designer for Walsh Associates, will head a new Tulsa agency called More Branding+Communication, he said.

The independent shop opens its doors with clients T.D. Williamson, Community Care College, RSI Healthcare and Sparks Architecture.

The new design and advertising firm will specialize in branding tools such as trademark development, corporate communications, publications, direct mail and promotional advertising, Johnson said.

“We chose our name because it’s a promise to clients of what to expect from us,” Johnson said. “Also, we believe that every communication provides an opportunity to tell our customers who we are and what we believe in—that’s branding.”

A native Oklahoman, Johnson, 27, studied graphic design at Oklahoma State University. He began his career with corporate brand specialists Landor Associates in San Francisco. There, he worked on projects for Hewlett-Packard, Minute Maid, Chevron and Albertson’s. After several years of building brands with ProWolfe Partners in St. Louis, Johnson came to Tulsa as a senior designer for Walsh Associates.

Johnson’s recent poster series for Cain’s Ballroom won a National Addy and will be featured in the September/October edition of HOW Magazine, he said.