Dentyne Breaks the Ice

NEW YORK Adams, a division of Pfizer, will break a TV spot for its Dentyne Ice brand on Jan. 20, the client said.

The campaign shows how the gum’s icy taste enables consumers to make romantic connections in new ways.

The commercial, “Subway,” from Bates in New York, opens with a young woman walking through a crowd to catch a train when she accidentally bumps into an attractive man. The two lock eyes as the train doors close. As the train departs, the woman takes out Dentyne Ice, chews it and frosts up the car window with her breath. She then writes her number on the frosted glass.

The voiceover intones, “Dentyne Ice. Intensely cold for icy fresh breath that lasts and lasts.”

The tagline, “Dentyne Ice. Nothing’s colder than ice,” closes the spot.