Denny’s Says Its New Pancakes Are Probably Better Than the Ones You Make at Home

And they're now 50% fluffier

You can whip up a nice fluffy batch of pancakes in your own kitchen on a Sunday morning, but Denny's thinks it might just have the best new pancake recipe in town. While the chain's pancakes were good and customers seemed to enjoy them as they were, a survey found that 44 percent of those customers believed the best pancakes out there were the ones they made in their own homes.

Denny's today announced the release of its new buttermilk pancakes, which it says are 50 percent fluffier. The new recipe includes fresh buttermilk, flour, a hint of vanilla and fresh eggs. 

In honor of the new recipe—and selection of limited-time menu offerings including strawberries and cream pancakes, sticky-bun pancakes and peanut butter-cup pancakes—Denny's is rolling out two 30-second TV spots and a few 15-second spots, created by Erwin Penland, focusing on the concept that its new pancakes may just be the best pancakes out there but that you'll have to try them for yourself before making that call.

One spot features a few sad grandmothers sitting at home alone with the table set but no family stopping by to enjoy their delicious home cooking. Where could they be?

'We aren't shy about saying that we are confident that Denny's may have made the best pancake possible … and are welcoming everyone to see or taste for themselves," Denny's chief marketing officer, John Dillon, said today at the chain's Financial District location in New York City. Outside of changing the dialog around the brand's pancakes, Dillon noted that Denny's is changing the way it showcases its product with new visuals in its marketing campaigns and its physical restaurants.

The new pancake recipe comes as the brand continues to refresh its image and its products.

"What we had found several years ago was although we had a strong brand with a very solid base of fans and guests, that business was suffering a bit back in the late 2000s … so we set out to change that—really starting in 2010," Dillon said. That's when the brand launched its "America's diner" positioning, committing to providing people with a great place to sit, relax and enjoy a great meal with friends and family.

Alongside the new TV spots, the campaign will also include new additions to Denny's animated video series, "The Grand Slams." The highly-popular online series launched to connect with the brand's millennial audience features animated versions of its popular menu items including Pancake, Bacon, Egg and Sausage. New parts of the series will focus on the star of the campaign, Pancake.

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