Dennis Hopper Gives an ‘Edge’ To Broadwing

Broadwing Communications has enlisted actor Dennis Hopper for an estimated $20 million campaign now breaking nationwide.

The spots feature an intense Hopper, perhaps in a nod to his performance in Apocalypse Now, ranting about “these cats at Broadwing” and their all-optical network. “Information is starting to bore me, man,” Hopper muses in one spot. Spots introduce the tagline, “The world’s first beautiful network.”

“We wanted a spokesperson who we felt was cool and edgy like we are,” said Pat Glavin, vice president of corporate marketing for the client. Broadwing, Austin, Texas, was formed through the 1999 merger of Cincinnati Bell and IXC Communications. Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Boston, handles the account.