DemandG + Gaughan & Swann = Arketi

ATLANTA DemandG, a marketing firm, and Gaughan & Swann, a public relations practice, have merged here to form Arketi Group, the two shops said.

The new entity has offices in the Brookhaven section of Atlanta and employs eight people. Arketi expects annual billings to reach $1.5 million within the next 12 months.

The three principals of the shop are Rory Carlton, who also serves as creative director; Sami Jajeh, the shop’s business strategist; and Michael Neumeier, who leads the PR practice.

“We have a new name, but Arketi retains the proven principles of DemandG and Gaughan & Swann,” Carlton said. “We will continue to provide our clients with the high-level services that they have come to expect and will work with each client to live up to our tagline, ‘Where marketing generates revenue.’ “

DemandG opened in September 2003 and had a staff of four at the time of the merger. Gaughan & Swann opened about a year ago and had two employees. Arketi has added two staffers since the business union.

Arketi, which is the middle part of the word “marketing,” specializes in business-to-business marketing and opens with 15 clients, mostly in the Southeast. Leica Geosytems, Nokia, Sprint, Oversight Systems and Visiprise are among the clients.