Deloitte Debuts TV Ads

Tierney Commercials for Consultancy Arm Of Big 6 Firm Distance Client From ‘Them’
NEW YORK–Tierney & Partners’ first TV work for Deloitte Consulting positions the client as a collaborator that seeks to both solve problems and make solutions stick.
The Philadelphia shop created three 30-second spots, which are also the management consultancy’s first stab at mainstream advertising. The spots break today on cable stations such as CNN, CNBC and ESPN.
Each ad begins with the phrase, “Another Deloitte Consulting difference,” and focuses on the firm’s “collaborative working style.” On-screen type and a voiceover explain how Deloitte differs from “them”–the other Big Six firms. The ad’s backdrop is simple–multicolored geometric shapes–with a score ranging from light percussion to violins. The tagline: “A very different approach for very different results.”
The spots are more subtle than Tierney’s print ads, which debuted in February and named competitors with copy lines such as: “Andersen Consulting: Distracted by infighting.”
“It’s the kind of stuff the competition notices which is healthy, and we feel good about it,” said agency principal Brian Tierney. The shop landed the $15 million global account in August following a review.
“We’re talking to senior executives about the importance of their people throughout the organization and we’re the only ones talking about that,” said Keith Ferrazzi, chief marketing officer at the New York client.