Del Taco Offers ‘Dan’

G&M’s Creation Is the Essential Underdog
LOS ANGELES–Talk about job stress. “Dan,” a Del Taco employee, could get fired if a new line of Works Burritos doesn’t sell.
Such are the high stakes in a new TV spot from G&M Plumbing for the Laguna Hills, Calif., fast-food chain.
The 30-second spot, the first from the Santa Monica, Calif., creative boutique since it won the account in March, broke last week in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.
In the ad, Dan, the fictional worker in charge of product development, jumps up from his desk and cries, “I’m even on the softball team for crying out loud!” as an announcer relays his potential fate.
Tim Hackbardt, vp of marketing at the client, said consumers will probably identify with the character as the average American worker. “We hope the ‘I’m on the softball team’ line will ring true with cubicle workers everywhere,” he said.
The G&M partners, who had just two weeks to develop the creative, said the tongue-in-cheek spoof highlights the plight of the underdog.
“We are trying to convey the underdog status of Del Taco,” said co-creative foreman/writer Mickey Taylor. “People love an underdog, and I think they want to hear a company championing that attitude.”
A radio spot has launched in the California cities of Visalia and Modesto, as well as in Reno, Flagstaff, Ariz., and Phoenix. It begins, “At Del Taco, we don’t have a billion-dollar advertising budget, so we’ll just talk twice as loud.” K