DeGregorio Certifies Canadia Diamonds

NEW YORK The DeGregorio Agency breaks a new execution Feb. 22 in its Canadia Diamonds print campaign, touting the authenticity of the brand.

The desaturated color ad, breaking in The New York Times Magazine and New York, shows a groom holding his bride blissfully in his arms. Copy reads, “You’re not crazy for getting married. You’re certifiable.” The tagline: “No diamond gets more attention.”

Two previous ads were introduced in November for the holidays. One combined a black-and-white photograph of a laughing girl, a scene of snow-capped mountains and a Canadian Government Certificate of Authenticity of the Northwest Territories encircling a picture of a diamond ring. It bore the copy: “It waited 3 billion years for the right girl.” The other ad showed a couple kissing and the certificate framing a pair of diamond earrings. “Love is one of life’s great mysteries,” accompanying copy stated. “Buying a diamond shouldn’t be.”

The campaign focuses on the fact that Canadia diamonds are certified to be from Canada and have not been technologically altered, unlike some other diamonds.

“The brand is a politically correct diamond,” said shop founder Tony DeGregorio. “It’s mined, cut and polished in Canada. … Take that away and it’s just another diamond.”

This is the first major imaging effort for the company, which hit the U.S. in June 2002. Spending on the effort was undisclosed.

DeGregorio founded his New York agency in June. Before that, he was chief creative officer of Tierney DeGregorio Advertising in Philadelphia.