Deep Fried

It’s official. These fast-food people really, really want to become one with the cooking process.

Following in the blackened footsteps of Burger King marketing execs [Shoptalk, Oct. 15], KFC managers in Australia last week became the latest victims of unforeseen motivational-con ference damage. The not-so-original recipe for disaster? A stroll across burning coals—an activity that’s designed to build confidence but in this case sent a 20-piece bucket of KFCers to the hospital, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Seven managers, including KFC Australia boss Roger Eaton, had deep burns on the soles of their feet; 13 had less serious injuries. Ten others were treated at the scene of the accident—a Horizons golf resort at Salamander Bay in Port Stephens. The firewalk was an optional exercise. The independent company that conducted it was not named.

Angus Armstrong, spokesman for Tricon Restaurants Australia, was upset that his colleagues had to experience the downside of searing flesh. He called the situation “totally unacceptable,” and said the company “will be reviewing the types of exercises” it conducts in future.