Decker to Create Ads for Days Inn Shop’s ‘Micro-Agency’ Positioning Helps Gain Client’s Attention

BOSTON-Decker, the Glastonbury, Conn., agency that bills itself as “America’s premier micro-agency,” was last week awarded the creative portion of Days Inn’s $7 million advertising account.
North Castle Partners in Stamford, Conn., had handled the client’s creative duties for the past two years. The change in agencies took place after a review of undisclosed shops. North Castle Partners did not defend the account.
“[The win] makes me feel very good about the micro-agency concept that we’ve been living . . . and which we feel strongly is the real thing,” said Decker chief executive officer Craig Cheyne. “I think winning a fairly significant, well-known, national consumer broadcast brand is proof.”
“We solicited them, and they were intrigued and contacted us,” Cheyne said. “They didn’t know us from Adam, and we sent them a cold beer.”
Grey Advertising in New York handles media buying duties, which were not part of the review.
Ads should begin appearing in January and will include national and spot TV and print executions as well as sales promotions and other marketing programs, said Cheyne.
“Decker made a great presentation, had a comprehensive understanding of Days Inn and its business and had a unique talent and creativeness that we have not seen in a long time,” said Days Inn representative John Bonfield.
The win was a crucial one for the $22 million agency, which in June lost a key account when Southern New England Telecommunications consolidated all of its ad business at Publicis/Bloom in New York after a review. Decker had shared a portion of the SNET account with North Castle Partners.
Calling itself a micro-agency because of its “big-time brains and small-group hustle,” Decker counts CIGNA Healthcare, Otis Elevator and Highland Park single malt scotch among its clients.
Days Inn, based in Parsippany, N.J., is owned by Hospitality Franchise Systems, which is in the process of merging with CUC of Stamford, Conn. Founded in 1970 in Savannah Beach, Ga., Days Inn has become one of the world’s largest franchised hotel chains. It has nearly 1,800 properties and more than 160,000 rooms.