RSA Security’s new spokesman isn’t a famous actor or a sports figure—he’s a cartoon.

Hex A. Decimal stars in The Other Agency’s interactive campaign for RSA BSAFE, a type of encryption software.

“Our research said that [software] developers are cynical about advertising,” said Kevin Owens, creative director at the Newton, Mass.-based shop. “So we created a character who is engaging and has charisma to get through [software developers’] mental firewall.”

Banner ads, which broke last week on and, invite users to “Click to help Hex find the hottest security software.” Hex, who sports a goatee and spiked hair, then pops up onscreen. “This is the locale for all us developer types,” he says. “Thanks to RSA, we’ve got a place where we can all hang out, get some insight and share information—get the mojo flowing.”

Hex gets his mojo flowing in the Crypto Lounge, a cartoon-like bar that appears as a “jump-page” when one clicks on a banner ad. Information about the Bedford, Mass.-based client may be revealed by rolling one’s mouse around the screen.