Via Debuts Quirky Stora Enso Ads

Via features unexpected visual elements—scars, magic mushrooms and videogame heroine Lara Croft—in its first campaign for paper company Stora Enso.

“We used jarring images of disparate things, images that would engage the reader” in the print effort, which targets mainly printers and designers, said Rich Rico, chief creative at the Portland, Maine, shop. Via added the estimated $5 million assignment late last year.

One execution, designed to run as a two-page spread, pictures two boys sitting at a dinner table before plates of large, colorful mushrooms. The headline reads, “You make the meaning. We make the means.” The other page shows a sleeping boy dreaming about Croft, whose image floats above his bed.

Copy starts, “Two boys eating mushrooms. Or cupcakes. And one young man dreaming … dreaming? … of a female action figure. Commentary on the future of female role models? Maybe. You’re the designer. … Coated papers from Stora Enso North America. Designed to make your meaning matter.”

Another ad shows the midsection of a girl wearing low-cut jeans, a red scar clearly visible. The other half of the ad shows a rocking horse. Partial text reads, “Girl with flat stomach, scar and cool red belt. And a slightly creepy rocking horse. Metaphor for the indelible mark growing up leaves on all of us?”

Rather than try to “out design the designer, the campaign recognizes the individual creative intent that each de signer brings to a project and how our paper is the ideal medium for that expression,” said Linda Hammarstrom, mar keting manager at Stora Enso, Stamford, Conn.

Ads will roll out in spring issues of Graphic Design USA, Com munication Arts and American Printer. Collateral, direct and trade-show materials are also in the mix.