the deal of the art

Question: Is the “eraser dog” pictured in the ad below a work of art or just the handiwork of some bored office worker? Maybe it’s both. More importantly: Does it make you want to visit an art museum?

“We are trying to make art less scary,” said Mary Knight, executive creative director of FCB Worldwide in Seattle, which is using the image as part of new print and outdoor campaign aimed at generating interest in the Bellevue (Wash.) Art Museum. She said the pro bono effort aims to remind people that there is creativity pulsing through their veins and that BAM offers a uniquely interactive experience.

The ads, which will run on city buses and in local publications, include one with balls crafted out of rubber bands and another with a swirl design created from spilled salt. The copy includes the question, “Is your inner artist calling?”

“We wanted to give people permission to be artistic and let them know museums are not just a place to stare at art,” Knight said.