Dead And Confused

After a 10-month run and more than 80 radio spots in Southern California, Sprint PCS is pulling the plug–so to speak–on its two “slacker” spokesmen in a new campaign from Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco.
The cellular phone company is canning region-specific ads in favor of general ads airing in other markets around the country, according to agency sources.
As a result, the characters are literally being killed off. One dies by choking on a burrito–the friends’ food of choice. The other subsequently dies in a traffic accident, arranged by his friend in heaven.
To mourn the passing of the slackers–who became famous by using their free Sprint PCS minutes to say things like “Hey” and “What do you got in the fridge?”–Virgin Megastores in Los Angeles scheduled a “viewing” of the unfortunate duo over the weekend. Cellular phones were given away as prizes to some mourners.
–Jane Irene Kelly