Dead on

Death loses its sting in Cliff Freeman and Partners’ latest Hollywood Video spot, which promotes the chain’s five-day DVD rentals.

It opens at a funeral, as a man begins a eu logy to his father. The mourning friends and family gathered in the pews are startled to see a Hollywood Video employee march directly up to the coffin. Clapping his hands, he brings the deceased back to life as a voiceover explains, “We give you more time.”

The 30-second spot, which broke last week, is part of a campaign that includes radio spots and cinema slides. Modeled after the trivia questions that flash on movie screens before the previews, the Hollywood Video slides ask esoteric questions such as the name of a star’s hair stylist for a particular movie. The answer: You’d know if you had five days to watch the DVD.

The TV spot is the first Hollywood Video commercial from the New York shop to take place outside the store, said vp, associate creative director and copywriter Adam Chasnow. The spot is the only one planned around the death-and-resurrection theme, he added, even though the concept would lend itself well to a number of executions. No pun intended.