De La Hoya Pitching for MET-Rx

Oscar De La Hoya is the latest sports star to become a spokesman for nutrition supplement maker MET-Rx.
The undefeated welterweight boxing champion appears in new print and radio ads created by the company’s in-house ad team. The print execution, showing him fit and trim in the corner of a boxing ring, is running in sports and fitness magazines.
“I feel leaner, and it makes me feel faster in the ring,” De La Hoya says in a radio ad. “All I have to do is take a MET-Rx bar, start training, and I have all the energy in the world.”
The radio ads are airing in key markets including Los Angeles and New York on sports talk stations and during specific talk shows such as Howard Stern and Jim Rome.
The ads are running now to coincide with this week’s much-hyped fight between De La Hoya and undefeated Felix Trinidad in Las Vegas.
“Like most of our athletes, he contacted us because he wanted to get into the best shape of his life,” said Mark deGorter, vice president of marketing at Irvine, Calif.-based MET-Rx. “He’s been using the product off and on over the years.”
After the Sept. 18 fight, De La Hoya will appear in a MET-Rx TV spot, deGorter said, adding that MET-Rx will continue to blend image ads featuring pro athletes with customer testimonials.