Overall Billings Growth: Down 5.2% to $1.91 billion: (grade D-)
Clients Lost: Clairol Loving Care, Hyundai Electronics, Ben Hogan: (grade D-)
New Clients: James River, The Washington Post, Solo Barnes Hind: (grade A-)
Growth From Current Clients: Up 1.4%, or $29 million: (grade B)
Creativity: Superlative work across the board from San Francisco (Bugle Boy), Chicago (Bud Light) and New York (N.Y. Lottery): (grade A+)
Management Savvy: Shrewd move to drop a catalyst like Andy Berlin into the top slot at key New York office: (grade B+)
Teacher’s Comments: Bringing Berlin to New York has shaken up a staid organization, ruffled feathers and created a sense of competition for Keith Reinhard’s job. In other words, a great call.
Overall Grade: B
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