DDB Goes on Rampage

More TV Mayhem for Midway Video Game
DALLAS–There apparently is intelligent life out there . . . and they are watching Nickelodeon.
DDB Needham Dallas utilizes a ton of green, gooey slime in a new 30-second television ad promoting Midway Home Entertainment’s new Rampage 2 Universal Tour video game.
With character vomiting apparently established as a strategic point in Rampage 2, DDB goes all out in recreating the most unappetizing aspects of this sequel to Midway’s popular Rampage title.
The spot is the latest in DDB’s antic creative style seen in ads for other Midway titles like Off-Road Challenge and Mortal Kombat 4.
The commercial shows two teen boys walking in a dark field when suddenly the lights of a flying saucer appear. “The Rampage monsters have traveled 20 million miles to bring mankind a message,” a voiceover states, succeeded by a monstrous ralphing sound and a ton of goo landing on the two boys. The narrator says the game has “new levels, new characters, more mayhem, more puke.”
The ad began airing last week on cable networks, with a print component headed to gaming periodicals such as GamePro, EGM and Nintendo
Power. The game was developed for both the Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation consoles. The budget for Rampage 2 was undisclosed.
Corsicana, Texas-based Midway Home Entertainment is a division of Midway Games, a developer of coin-operated video titles under the Midway and Atari trademarks.