DDB Dallas to Defend EPA’s Energy Star Account

The Environmental Protection Agency has put its Energy Star account in review. The assignment, which is mandated for periodic review, has been handled by DDB Dallas for four years.
DDB confirmed that it is defending the business. “We are in the wait-and-see period at the moment, and almost everything is identical to years past,” said agency representative Cooper Smith. “Hopefully, [EPA] will like what we have been doing and continue to work with us.”
While one source pegged the account at $10 million per annum for the next five years, EPA contracting officer Kathryn Barton said that the organization does not yet have a budget estimate and the request for proposal does not disclose spending.
Several shops working on related regional assignments appear well positioned to tackle the national Energy Star account. These include Bozell Kamstra, Danvers, Mass., which works for Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships. Under the auspices of NEEP, Bozell Kamstra has for three years done campaigns for energy-efficient appliances which are endorsed by the Energy Star program [Adweek, June 17]. Oliver, Russell & Associates, Boise, Idaho, has handled similar accounts in the Pacific Northwest. Executives at Bozell Kamstra declined comment on whether the agency is pitching the national Energy Star account; officials with Oliver, Russell could not be reached by press time.
Barton declined to name contenders or say how many agencies are participating. The EPA expects to reach a decision by Sept. 30. The Washington, D.C.-based client is seeking a full-service marketing agency with strong creative, research and media capabilities for the five-year contract, Barton said. Work for Energy Star will include advertising, marketing and public relations.
Spots created by DDB for Energy Star have featured outdoor settings and voiceovers by actor William Baldwin, informing consumers how products with the Energy Star label help preserve the environment. In the past, the Dallas shop has worked in tandem with DDB Seattle and ICF, a Washington, D.C., consultancy specializing in environmental and energy issues, to service the EPA account. K