DDB Brings Hershey’s S’mores Indoors

NEW YORK A new TV spot from DDB introduces Hershey’s S’mores candy bar by showing how much easier a bear’s life gets when the gooey treat is packaged.

The ad by the New York shop, which broke this week, first shows a bear chasing off a family roasting traditional s’mores, a combination of graham crackers, chocolate and roasted marshmallows that are usually eaten around campfires.

“Getting my paws on those delicious s’mores used to be a whole to-do,” the bear’s voiceover states. “Not anymore. Thanks to Hershey’s S’mores, my life has never been better.”

The spot then cuts to the bear living life in the city, watching TV and vacuuming in an apartment, going to the store to pick up the candy bar and growling amorously at a passing blonde.

The bear plotline was chosen because it was “arresting visually,” according to Scott Grayson, DDB creative director and copywriter. While DDB considered showing how the product causes changes in consumers, “it would be obviously more fun to have a bear’s lifestyle change instead of a person,” Grayson said.

David Kellogg of Anonymous Content directed the live-action parts of the spot while Matthew Brady of @radical.media directed the product shoot.

“David had a lot of great ideas [about the bear],” said Richard Sharp, DDB creative director and art director. “He wanted him to be very real and … not make him cartoony.”

The ad, which was cut in 15- and 60-second versions as well as a 45-second cinema spot, was shot in Los Angeles in January. Veteran “bear actor” John Munroe Cameron portrayed the protagonist. That worked better than the suggestion of one director who bid on the project (DDB creatives declined to name him) who wanted to use a live bear in the ad.

“We would have shot in the grocery store and that would have been the end of shoot,” said Grayson about the suggestion. “We didn’t feel real good about using a real bear.”