DDB Begins McSkillet Campaign

NEW YORK Jack cheeses, red and green peppers, onions and salsa are now on McDonald’s morning menu. Looking to grow its already dominant presence in the profitable breakfast category, McDonald’s unveiled the McSkillet Burrito.

The product, priced at $2.49, launches nationwide today. Three TV spots begin airing tonight. The spots play up the McSkillet Burrito’s savory ingredients as well as the portability benefit of burritos. “There’s always something good inside, you just have to find it. Now McDonald’s has it. The new McSkillet Burrito,” one spot proclaims. DDB in Chicago handles.

The debut comes as McDonald’s is experiencing rapid growth in its breakfast sales. According to COO Janice Fields, the category has grown 42 percent since 2002, and currently represents over 24 percent of all of the chain’s U.S. sales.

“Breakfast is our most profitable daypart and I can tell you that it contributes a greater percentage, from a profitability standpoint, than any of the other dayparts,” said Fields.

Print, radio and in-store efforts support. Sampling events will be conducted next month to introduce the product, as well as what CMO Bill Lamar described as a surprise event on Feb. 29.

Spanish-language ads will also air. “Tortilla-based products have a particular appeal for our Hispanic customers and they are very important to [our business],” said Lamar.

No matter how hot McSkillet sales are, consumers shouldn’t expect to see the item available beyond the 11 a.m. breakfast cutoff. “Breakfast all day is something that we will always take under consideration,” Fields said. “But it wouldn’t happen for a long time. Right now, we’re excited with the opportunities that we have throughout the dayparts, but we look to keep our breakfast at the current hours for the near- and long-term future.”