DDB Aborts Plans to Merge with Aussie Shop

MELBOURNE – DDB Needham’s plan to merge its part-owned subdidiary Nowland Robinson Perrett with fledgling creative boutique Whybin Dery Barnes has exploded. The two shops will remain separate entities, effectively sparing the life of the 8-month-old WDB, which would have become defunct in the deal. DDB will still take up an undisclosed minority share in WDB, as planned when one of the boutique’s partners, Tom Dery, became DDB managing director two weeks ago. DDB chairman, Wayne Kingston said the multinational would also act as financier to WDB, which will change its name. The 70% share DDB holds in NRP will still be divested to a minority holding, as originally planned. This will take place more slowly than expected earlier, with only the agency’s three partners buying in.
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