DDB in 13th Year of Honoring Rev. King’s Day

LOS ANGELES Omnicom’s DDB has created a public service campaign to raise awareness of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The pro bono campaign from the Seattle shop includes two executions that will run as outdoor, transit and newspaper ads. It launches Jan. 8 and will run throughout the month in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.

One ad, “Alphabet,” shows the alphabet spelled backwards from Z to A if read from left to right. Where “MLK” appears in the reversed alphabet, the letters are called out in contrasting white type. “Change your perspective and you’ll find him” is the text underneath the alphabet.

Another execution, “Color-Blind,” is meant to resemble a color-blindness test. It contains three circles with a contrasting mosaic of colors, but instead of revealing hidden numbers, the letters “MLK” are concealed among the multihued circles. “Honor his vision by testing your own” is the copy below the visuals.

“Over the years consumers have been bombarded with messages about Martin Luther King the man,” said DDB executive creative director Fred Hammerquist, in a statement. “While the work still very much celebrates his life and achievements, it reminds us what we can do to continue his legacy.”

Space for the campaign was donated by Clear Channel, Viacom and several Seattle-area newspapers, including the King County Journal, the Tri-City Herald and The Wenatchee World.

This is the 13th consecutive year DDB has created a campaign for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Jan. 19).