davidandgoliath Promotes Kia’s ‘Darn Good Cars’

In anticipation of a product launch, davidandgoliath has changed the tagline for Kia Motors America.

“Darn good cars” replaces “It’s about time everyone had a well made car” in four new 30-second TV spots for Kia’s Optima, Sportage and Sephia. Two new models, as yet undisclosed, will be unveiled this summer.

The Sephia and Sportage ads bowed on national TV and in magazines across the country in January. The two new Optima spots broke late last week.

Optimum/OMD, Los Angeles, handles media for Kia.

“The brand has evolved. It has a wider range of products that appeal to a different target,” said David Angelo, founder and creative director of davidandgoliath, Los Angeles.

The Optima spots emphasize the affordability of the midsized car, which carries a sticker price of $15,000-20,000. While all the spots bear the new tag, they still emphasize the manufacturer’s 10-year, 100,000-mile “long-haul warranty.”

“The message is fundamentally one of the most solid ever because it talks about the 10/10 warranty,” said Dick Macedo, evp of marketing and sales for Kia. “Since [davidandgoliath] has taken over, the work has been pretty darn good,” he added, borrowing from the tag.

The spots are typically quirky. The Sephia ad, targeting first-time car buyers, chronicles the woes of a long-distance romance. It shows a young man scurrying between Los Angeles and San Francisco as his girlfriend opts in and out of the relationship.

“Chances are you’ll break down before it will,” a voiceover says of the warranty-backed vehicle.

The Optima spots feature a guy who orchestrates scenarios in which his Kia can be admired. The Sport age spot spoofs SUV testimonials by showing a world-class photographer who, for a change, doesn’t choose the right car for his expedition.