Davidandgoliath, LA Gear Tie One On

LOS ANGELES Independent davidandgoliath has given new meaning to the phrase “on a shoestring” for athletic footwear client LA Gear, the agency said this week.

As part of its extensive rebranding campaign for the Los Angeles-based iconic fashion company, davidandgoliath has crafted a series of Internet mini-movies starring a sporty red women’s track shoe and a pair of animated laces.

Entitled “Shoestring Theatre,” the work casts white lace “mimes” in traditional Hollywood-genre roles, according to the agency’s associate creative director, Ben Purcell. The first three executions, each 15-seconds long, begin with an apparently velvet curtain opening onto romantic, action-oriented and dramatic vignettes.

In the dramatic scene, a hospital bed-bound shoelace flat lines as its partner watches and weeps. In the romance, laces flirt and smooch amid a cloud of tiny red hearts.

“It’s not everyday you can impregnate a shoestring, or make it cry,” Purcell said.

In addition to running on the LA Gear Web site—which davidandgoliath relaunched earlier this month to support the brand’s updated image—the movies are scheduled to appear as banner ads, the agency said. Targeting women in their “mid- to late-20s,” the ads will run heavily on sites such as Yahoo through the end of June.

“Banner ads aren’t typically something to get excited about,” noted Purcell. “But these are informative, entertaining . . . [they] really set the mood for the product.”

The agency, which has worked with LA Gear since September, said it expects the ads to garner more than 10 million impressions by the end of their initial run. Purcell added that there had also been discussion about projecting the mini-movies onto the sides of buildings and using them as TV spots.

Other “radical” efforts the Los Angeles shop plans to use in promoting its client’s new, soon-to-launch women’s line include street teams, e-mail blasts, nightlife marketing and in-cinema ads.

The result of a “group brainstorm,” Purcell said a team of davidandgoliath interactive staffers, among them copywriters Kristen Landgrebe and Reggie Miller, art director Kilpatrick Anderson and designer Clark Stiles, created “Shoestring Theatre.”

According to TNS Media Intelligence, LA Gear’s most recent significant advertising budget was $25 million in 1992; between 1998 and 2003, it did not record any ad expenditures. Davidandgoliath said the client’s budget for 2005 was $2-3 million.