David on Demand shows devotion to his cause

By Brian Morrissey

Like many, I figured David Perez would talk a big game but cower at the first sign of danger. After all, his David on Demand conceit—to go Cannes outfitted with a camera and do anything people on Twitter told him to—seemed like little more than a PR stunt. Sure, it got him a trip from his employer, Leo Burnett, to the south of France, but he'd just do the safe things "demanded" by the people, right? Not so. Today, Perez challenged his 3,300 followers (all obtained in a week) to come up with a tattoo for him to get. In the end, he got a Twitter "fail whale" and two tweeters' names tattooed on his arm. (He writes: "@limmekus and @taramann I will never forget your Twitter names since they're now on my arm.") Perez is taking breaks here and there but is clearly ready for party, too. Within the last hour, he chugged an unidentified drink and tweeted: "Love is in the air in Cannes tonight." This could get interesting. It's only Monday.

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