Dave’s Stupid Adman Tricks

The Late Show with David Letterman held an agency search of sorts in New York recently, hoping to get some advice about how to promote the Hello Deli, an eatery often featured on the CBS talk show.
Ernest Lupinacci, a copywriter at Wieden & Kennedy, and Richard Kirshenbaum, a principal at Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, were two ad pros who got the 10 a.m. call on Aug. 22. About an hour later, “presentations” were videotaped at the deli with Letterman and Hello’s impassive owner, known only as Rupert.
Lupinacci suggested a cross-promotional effort with the Broadway show Cats. Customers who present a ticket stub would be offered a free stray cat, he said.
Kirshenbaum (who credits his staff) recommended a Celebrity Leftover Wall. Instead of photos of stars who dined there, he suggested mounting the uneaten remains of famous people’s sandwiches.
” ‘You’re not taking this assignment seriously,’ Dave kept telling me,” Kirshenbaum said.
Deutsch and N.W. Ayer & Partners executives were also involved in skits slated to air on Labor Day. –Teresa Andreoli