Dart’s Triple Feature

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) last week unveiled the first level of a three-tiered campaign aimed at alerting Dallas residents about the upcoming improvements in the city’s mass transportation system.
On Friday, DART officials hosted a “premiere” of their new campaign at the landmark Granada Theater here, kicking off movie-inspired themes in the advertising developed by the transit authority’s in-house creative team and Publicis in Dallas.
The initial work under the new “We’ll take you there” tagline touts the new rail and bus lines that will begin to expand DART’s reach to outer markets, including Fort Worth and the Dallas suburbs of Garland, Richardson and Plano.
“We want to paint an overall picture of everything that’s happening, rather than do it on a project-by-project basis,” said DART advertising manager Micah Causey.
The expansion plan, to be followed by a ridership campaign in May and a business traveler push later in the year, gains its silver-screen inspiration from the film noir style of Casablanca. In the “East meets West” effort, DART rail line extensions to Fort Worth and Garland are promoted. Future campaigns will incorporate horror-movie themes and Western-style settings, according to Causey.
Publicis won the estimated $2 million account last November, defeating Dallas shops Richards/King, Krause Associates and Moroch & Associates.
The new campaign succeeds work from 1998 by former shop Valentine Radford (then known as Knape). That series sought to increase ridership through the tag, “Some things are more important than driving.”