Dare Foods’ 15 minutes

A slew of recipes, a new Web site and print ads all figure into a campaign by Smith & Jones to boost U.S. sales of Dare Foods’ Breton crackers.

Print efforts appearing in Bon Appetit, Martha Stewart Living and Good Housekeeping feature the theme, “15 Minutes to Fame.” That theme is also displayed at 15minutestofame.com, which was also crafted by the Worcester, Mass., shop. The site includes quick recipes and presentation tips using Dare crackers.

“Our goal is to build brand awareness for Dare by encouraging people to use their crackers creatively and have more fun with food,” said Jean Giguere, director of client services at Smith & Jones. The site also invites consumers to become part of its Recipe of the Month Club to receive monthly recipes and product coupons.

Smith & jones has held the Dare Foods account since 1995, and has created packaging material for Breton crackers, as well as the Toronto company’s Bremner Wafers line. Previous ads were tagged, “What are you waiting for?” to encourage consumers to use the crackers on a regular basis, not just on special occasions.