Dapper Justin Bieber Explores the History of Touchdown Dances in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl Ad

Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens also star in the spot

The pop star and "celebration expert" follows Kim Kardashian and Drake as a T-Mobile Super Bowl endorser.
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Ever wonder when and where the touchdown celebration began and how it evolved from a simple high five to the shimmy or the shake to the shimmy, shimmy shake? T-Mobile has you covered.

In the brand’s new Super Bowl spot, released today, Justin Bieber tells the world how the touchdown dance came to be. The 60-second spot, by Publicis Seattle, will run in the first quarter of the game.

Not only does the spot feature a dapper tuxedo-wearing Bieber, labeled by T-Mobile as a “celebration expert,” the ad also features New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski as a caveman in the Stone Age and true celebration aficionado Terrell Owens.

Take a look at the spot, “Unlimited Moves,” below.

The star-studded Super Bowl spot isn’t a new move for T-Mobile. Last year the brand had a hit with its “Restricted Bling” ad starring Drake. The year before Kim Kardashian West stole the show in a spot about saving data.

While Bieber may be the face of the spot, Gronkowski is the real star with his goofy caveman impression. The little girl at the end wins the spot though with her insanely slick dance moves. Sorry, Justin.

T-Mobile will be rolling out additional work around the Super Bowl in the coming days. Plus, as part of the “Unlimited Moves” campaign, fans can record their own touchdown dances and tweet them at the brand. The best ones may be retweeted by Justin Bieber.

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