Dapper Gets New CEO

Dapper, a firm specializing in the creation of dynamic ads, has named James Beriker its new CEO.
Beriker was formerly chief executive of Efficient Frontier, a search ad platform. He takes over at Dapper from company co-founder Eran Shir, who moves to chief technology officer.
Four-year-old San Francisco-based Dapper competes with players like Teracent and Tumri in the race to build tech tools designed to help users customize ads on the fly. Google acquired Teracent last November.
“Display advertising feels like search in 2001,” Beriker said. “I think it’s going to be as big and interesting and tech-heavy as search is today in five years. It’s [the] beginning days of display as a very powerful direct response channel.”
Dapper works with advertisers like airlines to build permutations of banner ads that include offers based on information about specific users.
“If we can find a way to precisely understand the intent of the consumer and present them the right offer, then we’re able to put up an ad she’s likely to click on,” Beriker said.
Beriker led Efficient Frontier for a year. He joined the firm from ad network ValueClick, where he was general manager of search. He joined ValueClick in 2003 after it purchased Search123, the search engine he led.
Former Yahoo executive Dave Karnstedt replaced Beriker at Efficient Frontier in April 2009.