Dan Wieden’s Losing Streak

The thing about streaking is, it’s a streaky business.

Wieden + Kennedy’s “Streaker” spot for Nike—showing a British soccer fan sharing more than his fish ‘n’ chips at a game—was considered, as they say, the dog’s bollocks. (Who could resist the line, “I do hope he’s not headed for the Royal Box”?) But Dan Wieden got a more mixed reaction to assignments he gave students at his University of Oregon ad workshop last month—one of which was for a kid to tear ass naked across a golf course.

The idea was to confront one’s fears. The streaker, one Joe Leineweber, was thrilled. (“I think I gave a few crusty dudes something more exciting than their birdie putt on the 5th green to rant about,” he told the school paper). But when Marissa Jones was asked to object at a wedding, she went to the dean.

“Dan Wieden didn’t have a problem with it, so why did I?” Jones mused in the Daily Emerald. “It didn’t take long before I realized there was no moral justification for ruining someone’s wedding.”

After a talk, Jones and Wieden made up. In a second column, she stood by her opinion of the assignments but added, “My impression of Dan Wieden’s character has greatly changed because of the genuine concern he showed.”

The dean issued a general apology but said the relationship with Wieden, a UO alum who has taught the class since 1992, will continue.

Wieden had no comment.