Damian Kulash and OK Go Seek Brand Partner for a Year of Crazy Adventures

Who's in for the new record?

CANNES, France—OK Go, the band that makes cool stuff with brands, is looking for a partner.

Having worked with Chevrolet, Google, Samsung, State Farm and others on their inventive and incredibly popular music videos, the band would love to link up with a single brand partner for a series of adventures connected to its upcoming record, frontman Damian Kulash says.

Kulash was here at Cannes Lions this week, a year after the band's video "Needing/Getting," a collaboration with Chevrolet, picked up a slew of Lions. This year, he was on hand to announce the winner of a Saatchi & Saatchi contest in which filmmakers were invited to submit clips to become the official video for "I'm Not Through," a new song from the band's forthcoming fourth album. (Nelson de Castro, a 25-year-old American, won the contest. See his video here.)

Kulash sat down with Adweek to talk about bands, brands, fear, freedom and what kinds of insane things he wants to try with the new record.

You reinvented the way a band markets itself. Why were you so far ahead of the curve on that?

Necessity? Good luck? We consciously tried to stop thinking of music as the product it has been for the last 100 years—or since the '50s, I guess. We still follow our creative instincts in a pretty similar way. It's just that instead of stopping at the edges of music, instead of saying, "OK, now we've made a song, or an album, and we're done," we try to look at, "What do we want to make?" Usually it starts with music. Usually it ends somewhere else.

Do you still call yourselves a band?

Yeah, I'd call us a band. When I meet someone on an airplane and they ask what I do, and I say I'm a singer, I feel like I'm lying a little bit. Even though I do sing for a living, I do all these other things for a living, too. They think a very different thing than what I actually do.

They think you do weddings?

(laughs) Exactly. And they're like, "Aw, and you're making that work for you?"

Are you guys a media company?

(pause) Yeah. If you asked me what we are, I wouldn't say a media company. But if you ask if we're a media company, I can't say no. Yes, we're making media.

What do you look for in a partnership with a brand?

Basically, honesty. The reason we work with brands at all is that they're better partners for us than the traditional music industry. Our vision of success for something matches our partner's vision much more when we're working with a brand than when we were working with a record label. Record labels measure success by record sales and radio charts. Our feeling is that engagement is success. Certainly, buying a record is a way of engaging with it. But so is watching a video, and so is playing a game. That connection to people is what we are addicted to. And brands tend to have a much more contemporary view of success that way. If that's what they're looking for, and they're honest about that, then it's awesome. Almost any problem is easy to solve from there on out. It's like a romantic relationship. You can get in a fight, but you've still got "I love you."

Is it good to work with a bunch of different brands?

It's more time consuming. We have a new record. It's actually a record and a half—17 songs. So, we'll be putting out some stuff this fall, and then a full-length release early next year. We would love to find a single brand to work with for the entire thing, or a small family of brands. We wouldn't wind up having to do the same thing over and over again. And we'd be able to make much more interesting stuff if each project doesn't have to be distinct from the others. It would be really fun to plan 12 or 18 months of awesome stuff that actually connected to itself.

Do you know who the sponsor might be yet?