Dallas Agency Takes AIM at Investors

DALLAS A campaign for AIM Investments that breaks today features employees of the company and introduces a new tagline created by The Richards Group, the agency said.

“The strategy was to put a face on AIM—literally,” said Mike Malone, creative group head at the Dallas independent agency. “From its founding, AIM has lived by the employee-centric principle of ‘People are the product.’ “

The new tagline, “Your goals. Our solutions,” appears on television spots and in print ads that will run in major business media, the agency said.

Malone served as copywriter and shared creative director duties on the spots with art director Brian Nadurak. Producers were Greg Gibson and Christine Dorego, the agency said. Richards hired veteran Rolling Stone photographer and director Albert Watson to shoot the spots.

In the spots, employees identified as “solutions builders” offer key messages without relying on a script, the agency said.

“This business is about relationships, and a lot of times, it’s looking in my eyes and seeing that I believe in what I do,” says one of the spokespeople who works for the Houston-based money manager.

TV spots will appear on business, news and financial cable networks and in spot markets including Houston, Denver and Atlanta, the shop said. The print buy includes The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

Campaign spending was not disclosed.