Dale Earnhardt Jr., is a knight battling an evil

Dale Earnhardt Jr., is a knight battling an evil army of 42 warriors. Jeff Gordon is a swashbuckler attacked by 42 pirates. And Jimmie Johnson is a futuristic head hunter chasing cyborgs. All are part of Cliff Freeman and Partners’ new promo campaign for Fox Sports’ Nascar coverage, which takes the theme “1 v. 42” (43 cars compete in Nascar races) to the realm of movie fight scenes. Director Joseph Kahn of HSI shot the scenes with body doubles in Los Angeles; the drivers—who were “fired up” at the shoot, says Dan Morales, cd at the New York shop—were shot in Atlanta on green screens. The shoot was the day before the Atlanta Nascar race, but Earnhardt Jr. stayed on set until 10:30 at night. “Dale’s manager was complaining he was staying up too late, but Jimmie Johnson said, ‘Keep him here as long as you want!’ ” Morales recalls. “Johnson ended up winning the race.” Ads began airing nationally on Thanksgiving Day.