‘Daisy’ Chain

Texas Gov. George W. Bush’s latest TV ad in his presidential run may spark memories for viewers who recall the “Daisy” spot from Lyndon Johnson’s campaign in the 1960s.
Bush’s ad, which is airing in South Carolina and is slated for broadcast in Iowa and New Hampshire, shows a young girl playing at an abandoned military base. In a voiceover, Bush says, “Today we live in a world of terror, madmen and missiles.”
The content is similar to that of the Daisy ad, in which a little girl picking flowers is followed by an image of a mushroom cloud.
“We really didn’t think about it,” said Mark McKinnon, a partner at Austin, Texas-based Maverick Media, the ad’s producer. “It was not our intention to recreate [the Daisy spot], but I’m flattered that anyone would draw that parallel. This is something the governor has been talking about from the beginning.”
Bush’s “Dangerous World” spot ends positively: The girl looks up and clasps a hand emerging from a uniformed sleeve. –J. Dee Hill