Dailey Thinking Inside the Box for Public Storage

A cardboard box may not seem the most thrilling of products, but Dailey & Associates manages to put a humorous spin on it for client Public Storage.
A new campaign touts the Glendale, Calif., company’s entry into discount box promotion by focusing on the universally unpleasant experience of moving.
Mike Faulkner, creative director at the West Hollywood, Calif., agency, said the inspiration for the work came from the real-life experiences of the creative team.
“We felt like we’d all been in a situation before of needing boxes,” Faulkner said. “It’s part of that younger stage of our lives when we needed boxes and didn’t have money. The first place you’d go is the alley behind the grocery store. We just took that situation and illustrated it.”
The humorous ads target the younger market of do-it-yourself movers. “I think what we were trying to do is take a very basic and utilitarian product and make it top-of-mind,” said Noel Evans, senior vice president of marketing services for Public Storage. “I’d say the humor of our spots is based on a universal experience of our target market.”
The campaign is comprised of two 30-second TV spots and two radio spots. One TV spot drops the viewer into the middle of what appears to be a criminal act in progress, but is actually just a man digging through a dumpster to score the perfect moving box. He raises the choice discovery over his head only to find that it is filled with rotting food.
The second spot features a woman lovingly packing her collection of ceramic flamingos into a worn-out box, only to see every kitschy piece shatter on the floor.
A voiceover then says, “Need a better box? Call Public Storage.”
In each of the spots, a voiceover delivers the tagline: “Don’t make a dumb move. Call Public Storage.”
The spots are currently airing in the test markets of Austin, Texas, and Tampa, Fla. If they prove successful, the company plans to roll them out nationally.
Among the agency’s other clients are NestlE, Ford’s Focus vehicle and Ely Callaway golf. K