Dailey Presents Countrywide as Problem Solver

LOS ANGELES Countrywide Home Loans is positioned as a company that offers solutions to the barriers of purchasing a residence in a national image campaign created by Interpublic Group’s Dailey & Associates.

The campaign from the West Hollywood, Calif., shop includes four television spots that introduce “Realize your dreams” as a tagline. The ads target four segments of the population: first-time home buyers, current homeowners, African Americans and online house shoppers, said Tina Schmucki, senior vice president of marketing for Countrywide Home Loans, a subsidiary of Countrywide Financial Corp. in Calabasas, Calif.

One 30-second spot, “Front Door,” has an African American woman greeting her husband as he walks into a house. She says, “You said we couldn’t afford this place. You said we didn’t have enough money for the down payment.” He admits that he was wrong, and she says, “Welcome home.” Another 30-second ad, “Playground,” shows two single moms at a playground. One expresses doubts that she can afford a house on her salary, and her friend offers encouragement and informs her that she was able to purchase a home.

Two other spots, which are cut in 30- and 60-second versions, tout Countrywide’s home equity loans. In “Crib Talk,” a woman urges her husband to be quiet because she has put the baby to sleep. He enters the room, which doubles as a nursery and office and logs onto the computer. The voiceover is, “If your family needs room to grow, come to the experts at Countrywide.” A fourth execution, “Rainy Night,” shows a couple driving in the rain. The woman discusses the high interest they pay on credit cards and discusses consolidation.

The campaign is meant to build awareness of the brand and differentiate it from its competitors, said Schmucki.

“We are looking to position Countrywide as the dominant residential financial services provider,” Schmucki said. “Most companies focus on products and services. This campaign is very consumer-oriented, very benefit-oriented and addresses the key financial problems they may have.”

The campaign is the largest the mortgage-lending subsidiary has undertaken in its 45-year history, said Schmucki, who declined to disclose the budget. Countrywide spent $10 million on ads in 2003, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus. Independent KSL Media in Encino, Calif., handled the media buy.

Ads broke Feb. 19 during the 2004 Nissan Open Golf Tournament, which was presented by Countrywide and aired on network and cable television on ABC and USA. The work will also run on cable primetime programming, including Thursday night’s NBA on TNT and Sunday Night Football on ESPN. Radio and print components will break later this year.

Recent ads for Countrywide Home Loans were tagged, “Easy. Really,” and touted its high customer satisfaction ranking by J.D. Power and Associates.