Daewoo Begins Midwest Phase of Agency Search

By Trevor Jensen

CHICAGO–Daewoo Motors has begun contacting a number of Midwest shops about its central region account in one of four regional reviews being conducted by the South Korean car maker.

A Daewoo representative at the company’s regional office in Arlington Heights, Ill., confirmed the company was seeking shops for its Midwest advertising, but declined to give details.

Daewoo, which is staging four regional reviews, began in January with a search for a West Coast shop. The agencies selected will help the company launch its automobiles in the U.S., a debut scheduled for early 1998.

The agencies are competing for an estimated $10 million account in each region that will include creative work and media planning duties, sources have said. Media buying will be dealt with later this year.

The successful regional agencies could compete for a national account estimated at $20-30 million in annual billings, according to sources.

Executives at Midwest agencies contacted by Daewoo said they have yet to be informed of how the pitch will be handled and what type of presentations are expected.

C.S. Lee, president of Daewoo’s North American operations, said at the time the Western regional review began that shops would be judged primarily on the basis of creativity and that about 20 shops would be contacted in each region. Previous automotive experience was not a criterion.

Most of the shops tabbed so far in the Midwest and other regions have been small to mid-sized agencies.

A selection in the Western review is believed to be imminent. Shops were meeting with Daewoo in the Northeast review during the first two weeks of June. Southeast agencies are putting together a strategic marketing presentation as their final assignment.

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