Dads Hide King’s Hawaiian Rolls, and Their Kids Find Them in Brand’s Super Bowl Debut

Levit Agency created spot

King’s Hawaiian is in the Super Bowl for the first time, and it’s offering a few ideas for hiding your stash of its breads and rolls. The ad, “False Cabinet,” shows the lengths people will go to keep King’s Hawaiian’s products to themselves and also why it’s so hard to do.

The 30-second spot, created by Levit Agency, produced by Gartner and directed by Mike Bigelow, will air during the first ad slot of the fourth quarter.

In the ad, two dads hide King’s Hawaiian rolls inside a trick cabinet, and their sons on the other side of the wall open a grandfather clock that always seems to have rolls in it.

“When we asked consumers what they found unique about the brand, everyone said that when they buy the rolls, they have to buy more packs than they initially thought they needed because their family members were sneaking them,” said Erick Dickens, vp of marketing at King’s Hawaiian.

The ad also promotes King’s Hawaiian’s new barbecue sauces, its first product outside of the bread category.

“The reason we’re paying for that much larger Super Bowl audience is to get the word out about the new product,” Dickens said.

The brand has only been advertising nationally since 2014. For the past few years, it has appeared in integrations on Celebrity Apprentice and in ads during the Oscars. In 2015, its brand integration at the People’s Choice Awards had stars like Joey Lawrence and Donald Faison eating King’s Hawaiian rolls in the audience, insinuating that they had smuggled them into the auditorium to beat the hunger pangs of the hours-long show.