Cyloop Launches Campaign

NEW YORK wants to be the next MySpace for music fans.

On Wednesday, independent la comunidad in Miami launched a campaign that positions the site as the place to hear music and interact with artists.

While the majority of performers are Hispanic artists such as Mana and Pitbull, the site does not focus on that market exclusively. For example, much of Wilco’s music is available.

The campaign is the client’s first ad effort and consists of five 60-second Internet videos, which may also air on TV; the Web site; and print in publications such as Billboard, according to Demian Bellumio, president and founder of the Miami Beach, Fla.- based company.

In the 60-second “Pants,” a heavily bechained faux rapper swaggers about his mansion showing off his cars, Jacuzzi and women. His pants, which start off slightly lower than one would normally wear them, sag progressively further until they are around his knees. He then trips on the ridiculously low pants and falls down a set of stairs. The line, “Some artists don’t last long. Enjoy them 24 hours a day,” closes the spot.

All five clips are available on the Web site, which is designed to mimic a teenager’s messy room with posters, TV and photographs used to convey the different areas to click and reveal the videos.

Print carries the same theme with one execution showing another heavily be-chained artist, this time floating at the bottom of a pool because his jewelry is too heavy.

“The concept of the videos is to have fun and to showcase Cyloop as a brand that is involved with the artists’ lifestyles intimately,” said Bellumio.

“We started the company a year ago and the concept of El Hood [as the company was previously known] was a platform we created to apply technology to the Latin market in the U.S. that was urban focused,” said Bellumio.

In addition to streaming music, the site has blogs by artists and a “friending” system similar to MySpace’s. Cyloop takes a cut of revenue from ads on the site. Billboard and Cyloop are partners, with the music trade journal selling advertising for the site and providing content in the form of charts. The Nielsen Co. is the parent of Billboard and Adweek.

“Cyloop” is a made up word, although it is meant to evoke being kept “in the loop.”

“It’s not only about music, it’s about entertainment in general,” said Jose Molla, founder, chief creative officer, la comunidad.