It’s good to have the Force with you, but some people definitely take their Jedi training and Yoda’s mantras a little too far.
A new commercial for LucasArts Entertainment Co.’s PlayStation game “Jedi Power Battles” details the rough time one such wanna-be Jedi has at the airport.
In the spot, titled “Airport,” the passenger tries to get through the gate before catching a flight. A guard grabs the man’s backpack, pulls out a light saber, and cooks his co-worker’s tie when he flips the switch.
The nearly-grilled guard then quips: “You’re going to have to check that.”
Officials at LucasArts shop Goldberg Moser O’Neill said the campaign is designed to interest both Star Wars enthusiasts and game players. The game allows players to assume the identity of Qui-Gon Jinn or Obi-Wan Kenobi and battle assorted droids and galactic scumdogs.
Jedi training, however, is not available through the agency. Find a mail-in program instead.
And if you have to try a Jedi mind trick on your enemies, practice at home first.
–Justin M. Norton