On The Cutting Room Floor

Oh baby! CBS affiliate KYW-TV in Philadelphia won’t be airing a spot for that city’s Festival of World Cinema, which features a woman in labor.
The 30-second public-service announcement from the newly formed agency Goose depicts a sweating, grimacing mom in labor (shown here), being “coached” by her husband to a successful delivery.
When the doctor asks him to cut junior’s umbilical cord, the once-euphoric dad freezes at the sight of surgical scissors. The impatient newborn yells, “Cut, cut!” and a voiceover intones: “Witness the birth of a born filmmaker, at the Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema.”
Although Goose contends the station recoiled at the “graphic” nature of the spot, KYW-TV representative Jeaneen Rutledge said her station turned down the promo only because it’s not a participating sponsor for the event.
But Fox affiliate WTXF, which is no longer a festival sponsor, plans to put the PSA into its rotation beginning early this week, a representative said.
Produced by NFL Films, the ad’s 90-second sibling will run in many Philadelphia-area movie theaters.
–Kathleen Sampey