Customer Growth Opens in Conn.

Agency veterans Peter Blau, Josh Moritz and Jane Moritz have formed Customer Growth, Blau Moritz Partnership. The start up launches with offices in Westport, Conn., and London.

“We have a lot of experience in direct response,” said Josh Moritz. “We see [Customer Growth] as a great opportunity—we felt that we could grow fast if we started as an international agency” with the abi lity to pitch business both domestically and overseas.

Blau heads up the London office. The Moritzes, who are married, handle U.S. business out of West port. Each office employs about five staffers.

The agency offers creative execution, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, direct response and mark eting consulting services. Its client roster includes global corporations Centrica/British Gas and Lucent Technologies, both based in the U.K., and Pitney Bowes, Westport, Conn. The agency is targeting large clients for projects rather than smaller, less-established clients, according to Moritz.

Jane Moritz met Peter Blau in 1980 when Blau worked with his father, Barry, at Blau Mar keting. That agency grew into one of the largest direct re s ponse operations in the U.S. and is now known as Brann Worldwide. The agency operates as part of Havas-owned Ar nold’s worldwide network.

Jane Moritz founded her own agency, DMTG, in 1988, along with her husband, Josh. They sold the company 10 years later to Earle Palmer Brown of New York.

Looking for a new venture, the couple got in touch with Blau, who had relocated to the U.K. in 1998 before leaving Brann Worldwide a couple of years later.

“Peter knew of potential clients in London,” said Moritz. “So last year we talked about hooking up.”

Blau said Cus tomer Growth of fers the ad van tages of a tra d itional di rect mar keting shop as well as those of a customer re la tion ship management consultancy.

“Neither an agency nor a CRM consultancy can solve today’s problems single-handedly,” said Blau. “Consultants generally are consumed with ideas and strategy but lack the practical experience to make their ideas and strategies work. Agencies, on the other hand, tend to shy away from consulting and are more comfortable with execution.”

Blau said Customer Growth offers the “best of both worlds” and contended that it will thrive because it needs only a fraction of the budgets that larger shops require.